Confessions of a Yo-Yo dieter

Confessions of a Yo-Yo dieter

We have a lot in common. Let’s see if any of this sounds familiar:

• Overachiever: Instead of freshman 10 you gained freshman 30.

• Spent the 80’s in leg warmers and headband surrounded by skinny women who never had an awkward day in their life, sweating like a pig while they did not even glisten aerobic-izing to Madonna.

• Gained so much weight with your first child it only made sense to go ahead and have a second and build on the base.

• Have read and done every diet on the planet yet for some strange reason keep getting fatter.

• Could win at “list the calories” for every food item imaginable.

• Spent 3 months in Physical Therapy after trying Tae-Bo.

• Cannot look at cabbage soup without gagging.

• Could have used the no carb diet as a defense against murder and won.

• Over a span of 20+ years have LOST over 400 pounds... have FOUND even more.

Are ya with me so far?

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Learn what

• Diaper bags™

• Cars

• 3 year olds and tantrums

• Food processors

• Mars

• And lying

have to do with healthy eating...

I want to know what diaper bags have to do with healthy eating...

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