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We all know the benefits of healthy employees

Many organizations have tried different incentives to help their associates live healthier lifestyles. I was in the corporate world, with a high pressure job, managing a team of 30 sales/support professionals. My schedule was crazy, the pressure was huge and the odds of preparing diet food and getting it to a refrigerator were slim. This plan works for all lifestyles. I take your associates through the steps to make it happen.

Use Be Happy In Your Skin's 6 week Living the Plan as an addition to your organization's healthy living benefits. Enjoy financial rewards and increased productivity.

Bring this one hour six week plan to your employees anytime... at your site.

Recommended: Six week “Living the Plan” or customized programs.

Custom Programs available. Contact us to discuss your organization's specific objectives.

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True Story

I hated when people knew I was on a diet. The constant, “how’s the diet going?” irked me. The offers of “advice” and suggestions from folks who were thin or in the same boat annoyed me.

My schedule was crazy. I left the house at 6:15 and got home at 8:00. I was on sales calls, long meetings, kick-offs, training, client dinners; diets were painful/impossible in this atmosphere.

Without telling a single person, I started The Plan. Because of how easy it was and my ability to live like a normal person, nobody had a clue I was “dieting”.

One day one of my managers came into my office. He looked so serious I thought he was going to resign. He asked me flat out, “Are you dying?” I said, “why?” He replied with,” I don’t know if you are aware of this, but you have lost a lot of weight." Since I still was not ready to share I answered, “We are all dying from the moment we are born." Probably not the answer he wanted, but it got him off the subject.

You too can have people worried about you… LOL

Have people worry about you…