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The "skinny" from a slow learner with an even slower metabolism.

If you have uttered any of these mantras in a state of frustration: “I have been dieting for years and can’t lose the weight,” “I don’t snack, I barely eat and I am still FAT,” “It’s menopause, my metabolism…” “I can’t wait to hit my goal so I can get off this diet,” “The last 15 is the hardest” and the list goes on, I hear you.

As a “professional” dieter I did all the diets, read the books, bought the videos – you name it.
Out of desperation I finally stuck to a plan and I got it –

The Aha!

After owning a weight loss center for women for 2 years I have heard the frustrations of so many. I met one-on-one with over 600 women ranging from size 24+ to petite 4. The knowledge I shared and the way I conveyed it helped so many. Goals were met: weight loss, fitting into a smaller size, reduced blood pressure , increased energy, happier, living again, improved self esteem, the list goes on.

The overwhelming feeling of joy I experience helping others is rewarding. The women Before my I coach love my upbeat approach, goofy analogies and humor. I am back to doing what I am destined to do – help others.

The advice I give to my teenage daughters is: “Do what you enjoy and what you are good at and the rest will follow.” I am following my own advice and making a difference in peoples lives.

Here is to Being Happy In Your Skin!



A college graduate Carla spent her first 20 years selling and managing in Corporate America. After an abrupt "down-size" Carla opened a weight loss center for women. With fantastic health related results the successful "not-for profit" center closed. The next 3 years back in sales, Carla struggled with her need to go back to what she did well and enjoyed. Glass half full, Carla again found herself out of work and took it as a sign to "bite the bullet" and follow her heart. Educated, experienced, witty and dedicated she is determined to share with all who are open the Aha! (Click here for full credentials.)

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