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When you participate in Living the Plan, you are exposed to cool stuff. We try to help other women in transition with their products and ventures. If you saw something you liked and want more stop here occasionally and check out the LINKS on the right.

Fun Stuff For Members Living the Plan | Testimonials and Video Clips | The Highly Anticipated Book

Cool Stuff LINKS


Week 2 we demonstrated these wrist and ankle weights and resistance skirts.


For great protein shakes, vitamins and Pure, Safe and Beneficial Skin care.
To purchase Arbonne products at a discounted rate send us an email with Arbonne in the subject line.

The Princeton Center for Health

Lois Brown - Mentor, healer, friend, and guest speaker on rewarding yourself. Hypnosis, meditation, massage and transitional coaching -My testimonial, "Her unwavering faith in me... got me through making this dream a reality."

High Powered Women.com

Personal development coaching and stress relief for professional women betwen 32 & 45 raising families who want more inner peace, happiness and calm.

Pampered Chef

For those who experience the cooking demo, you learn about some of my favorite gadgets from Pampered Chef. If you do not have a representative, here is mine.
Susan D. Fellin


The best protein snacks around
Low sodium
High protein
Taste Great
Puts beef jerky to shame

Le Med Spa

At Buckingham and Flemington

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