Six Week "Living the Plan"

Live fun and motivational one-hour sessions for six consecutive weeks - at a time and place that makes it easy for everyone.

"I know what I am doing"

This is what we say when we... (dare I say) "DIET". If you are dieting you may be on the wrong path. Learn why we need to feed our metabolism without needing a biology prerequisite. Start the PLAN without scrapping everything in your fridge and chopping veggies for hours. Get the “skinny” from someone who knows first hand. Be inspired, coached and given the tools to healthy living.

"Chocolate gives me migraines"

Use proven methods (lying and other great tips) to stick to a plan in this crazy world with kids, spouses, parents, jobs and aging throwing us for a loop at every turn.

"Strong Like Bull - Fat Like Pig"

If you hate to exercise, over exercise or can't exercise, find out what you need to do to be healthy without busting your hump (or anything else). Find the movements that work for you and your schedule and understand how to do them for maximum results.

"I don't have time to cook healthy"
Fast, easy Cooking demo

Will demonstrate how easy and tasty it is to eat and cook healthy. Learn what to have on hand to be prepared to make quick nutritional meals the WHOLE picky family will eat. Guaranteed to be an eye-opener to the accomplished cook as well as the stove/oven impaired.

"Are you doing something different with your hair?"

Rewarding yourself and taking care of YOU is vital. This week we will introduce stress release and meditation. Learn what resources are available and how to be good to yourself.

"Release to the WILD"

By now you will recognize why it took you so long to understand how your body works. You will be confident that you can be set free and stay on track. We will give you the tools to stick to the plan as well as support options should you feel you still need some coaching.

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What you get...

The Aha!

Personalized weekly review

CD with:

  • The Plan
  • Sample choices
  • Shopping list
  • Easy calculators for determining your specific metrics
  • Tips and tricks
  • 6 week Diary
  • Maintenance Diary

Member LINK to:

  • Diary BLOG
  • Member web site
  • Cookbook
  • Special weekly treats

Six Week "Living the Plan"