Never take advice from a skinny chick.

Never take advice from a skinny chickI used to dream about being thin. In my dream all the other women were FAT. However, when I finally figured out HOW to stick to a plan and be happy in my skin, I wanted to tell every woman who was struggling how to do it.

Have you ever told your husband something and then two days later he comes home and says, ”guess what Bill told me?” and repeats what you said verbatim? Everything I am going to share, you have heard. However, you heard it through Dr. Speak, from Skinny nutritionists and from people who have never been in your shoes.

It’s called an Aha! and this time it is coming from a woman who has been there. For years I have been helping hundreds of women reach the Aha!. Ready for the light bulb to go on over your head? Read on...

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True Stories

Size 24+ or 4, only you can determine if you are Happy In Your Skin. This plan works for all. I have had women go from size 24 to 12, getting them over 2 plateaus.

One woman managed to change her lifestyle and get back into a size 2 after years of struggling with 13 lbs (a lot if it makes you uncomfortable in your skin). Her bonus? Her family enjoyed positive results just by doing the subtle changes she incorporated into their lifestyle.

Diabetics who had been told for years to eat this way were surprised to see their sugar balance out... I would always say, "this is what your doctor advised you to do". The reply, "I didn't get it until now."

I saw women who could not stay on a stationary bike for more than 5 minutes without getting winded reach 45 minutes.

The universal quote I loved when I would ask the new members, “are you sticking to the plan?” They would say, “yes”. I would ask, “how do you feel?” The reply always came with a sound of surprise, “I feel great – I have so much energy!” Who knew sticking to a sound eating plan would make your mind and body happy?

I want to Be Happy In My Skin!