Lifejackets Optional

Why Lifejackets optional?

Think of learning to swim. Many of us learned with someone we trust, showing us how, right? That person knew how to swim and taught us based on their experience. Once we learn to swim we never lose it even if we stay out of the water for years. That is an Aha!...

Even though you can stay afloat, you may still want a coach. You don’t need a lifejacket, you can swim… but perhaps you are not versed in all you need to swim a marathon. A coach helps.
The same is true for this program. You have gone through the 6 weeks Living the Plan and got your Aha!. You may want coaching to reinforce doing the right things and not fall into old habits.
Below are our coaching options:

Gentle Nudging; Firm Hand Holding

Gentle Nudging

For anyone who has gotten the Aha and wants to keep in touch. Includes:

  • Weekly group web/phone support
  • Membership BLOG support

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Firm Hand Holding

Doing well and still want that 1:1 coaching? This is for you. Includes:

  • Weekly 1:1 phone support
  • Weekly Diary Review
  • Weekly group web/phone support
  • Membership BLOG support
  • All forms and LINKS
  • FREE drop in status to public 6 week Living the Plan

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Our Coach

The coaching comes from years of face to face meetings with hundreds of clients, reading diaries, understanding obstacles and continuing to learn and problem solve around issues as they arise.

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